Trip Leaders

We are incredibly proud of our Trip Leaders. Their skill, knowledge and enthusiasm are an integral part of the Active Tours experience. Naturalists, photographers, art historians and mountaineers—their skills are extraordinary and varied. They all have a passion for sharing the destinations they know so well and a real joy in introducing you to unforgettable places, people and behind-the-scenes spots. These exceptional people transform a trip into the experience of a lifetime.


Joshua Huber

My love of photography and the outdoor pursuits blended easily into an Adventure Photography obsession.  It started early with me just bringing along a 35mm camera to shoot my friends while we where climbing or camping but it quickly became common place for me to haul along more camera equipment then backpacking equipment.  I’ve since had the privilege to be printed in “Outside, Men’s Fitness, National Geographic Adventure, Women’s Health…”.  Photography has afforded me the opportunity to have many great adventures.  I’ve spent a summer in Juneau Alaska where I meet some of my closest friends while Kayaking, Backpacking, and Climbing the long days away.  In 2011, I trained for and completed a top to bottom solo Cycling Tour of New Zealand.  I cycled over 1800 miles and on my rest days backpacked 5 of the 9 Great Treks of New Zealand.  I’m so excited to have an opportunity to show you both of the things I love most Photography and the Outdoors.

Rachelle Sloss

I had the incredible good luck to grow up in Juneau, Alaska surrounded by gorgeous mountains, ocean, and sublime wilderness. My summers are spent hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, biking, and enjoying the long nights with bonfires on the beach. I even got to explore my adrenaline-junkie side while working at Alaska Zipline Adventures in the summer. During the harsh Alaskan winters, I’ve had the opportunity to find adventures elsewhere. During college in Walla Walla, Washington, I got to try some whitewater kayaking, rafting, and rock climbing while I got a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. The past two years I’ve traveled around the world looking for adventure, and I definitely found some! I tried kitesurfing, sand-boarding, paragliding, caving, skydiving, abseiling, and bungee jumping! I love wilderness and Alaska’s outdoor lifestyle, and I can’t wait to show you all the breathtaking beauty and outstanding adventures that my hometown has to offer!


Nick Efta

I have lived my whole life in Montana growing up in a town of 1500 people, my graduating class had 30 kids along with myself.  I grew up on a lake and always enjoyed aquatic activities, especially floating the river.  Upon finishing high school I decided to enroll in college at the University of Montana to pursue a degree in Athletic Training in order to stay involved with the sports I enjoyed while growing up.  Basically, my entire college career revolved around Grizzly Athletics.  Once I received my bachelors degree I decided to pursue a summer of fun while working as a zipline guide in Juneau, AK for Alaska Zipline Adventures.  This is where I developed a love for rock climbing while hanging out at the local gym called “The Rock Dump.”  After that summer I continued to be involved in the zipline industry at Big Sky Resort in Big Sky, MT.  I have since become the operations manager for all our adventure activities such as the a fore mentioned zipline, high ropes course, paintball and many more.  These activities operate in both the summer and winter which means my passion for climbing and rafting has grown in my home state, as well as skiing and snowboarding in the winter.  I can’t wait to take you all for an adventure with Active Tours, whether it be in California or in my own backyard here in Montana.


Mike Foodman

Growing up in New England, I explored New Hampshire’s White Mountains, becoming an Eagle Scout and developing survival and leadership skills that played a pivotal roll in who I am today.  I continued my outdoors education at Cornell University receiving a BS in Geology where I climbed, skipped, and juggled rocks. I climbed frozen waterfalls, backpacked in the snow, and sometimes did my math homework.  Soon after I graduated I drove cross-country to explore my other great love–cinematography. Monument Valley, Utah’s slot canyons, entrenched river meanders aka goose necks–it was a geologist/photographer’s dream come true. It was the American West of John Ford and John Wayne and I was passing through it on the way to Hollywood.  I would work 5 days a week on movie sets then head off to conquer one of Southern California’s 10,000ft + peaks on my off days.  On one such trip to climb Mt Shasta  (14,179 ft) we were just a few hundred feet from summiting when a whiteout completely covered our way. I made the hard call to turn back and safely lead my party out of danger, safe to try another day.  Whether I’m with you side by side to summit a peak or giving you some photography tips I can’t wait to share some of my stories with you… like the moose encounter at Mt. Katahdin (that was a close one).