Why Travel With Us


Pure, Carefree Fun

A trip with Active Tours is a carefree, educational and fun-filled experience.  From years of experience we’ve found the best trails, finest restaurants and most charming inns in the areas in which we travel.  We take care of everything from planning each day’s activities and events to ensuring your utmost comfort and safety. Your job is to sit back, relax (well…we’ll probably exercise a bit, too) and thoroughly enjoy yourself.  This is your vacation and we want to make it the best you’ve ever had!

Small Groups

We believe that your vacation should be a personal affair–a chance for you to thoroughly enjoy yourself while getting to know a group of like-minded travelers.  That’s why most of our trips are limited to no more than 10 guests, giving Active Tours one of the lowest guide-to-guest ratios in the industry (an average of 1 to 8). With small groups we’re better able to focus on the desires of each of our guests and to access the special places and properties that the mass tour groups cannot.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Itineraries

We pride ourselves on introducing our guests to places we’ve discovered only after years of guiding places most tourists don’t go, like Joshua Tree CA a rock climbing mecca.  Even in the more popular areas like Yosemite we manage to avoid the crowds and lead you to the hidden gems.

Extraordinary Guides

Our guides are many things–athlete, naturalist, historian, medic, mechanic and chef–but, above all, they’re “people” people.  They have a unique ability to inspire confidence, create camaraderie and deliver a fun-filled vacation for you.

Accommodating Your Needs

Looking to extend your afternoon bike ride or hike?  Feel like putting your feet up instead of putting your boots on?  This is your vacation and we want you to feel free to do what you want! Our trips often offer varying route lengths and degrees of challenge.  You can engage in as much or as little activity as you’d like.  You’re free to go at your own pace…with plenty of time to stop and smell the wildflowers!

Environmental Commitment

Since Active Tours was founded, we have worked to support environmental causes close to both our homes and our hearts.  Our consistent focus is to lessen our impact and reduce, reuse, and recycle–to leave the areas we visit in better condition than when we found them.  We know that our adventures will only be possible if we preserve the places we love.

Why Active Travel?

Active travel is best defined as traveling under your own power and at your own pace.  You’ll be re-invigorated by challenging your physical abilities and stimulating your senses. We believe you’ll return home from one of our active adventures refreshed, renewed and revitalized.

The Best Value in Active Travel

We commit to providing you with trips that represent both high quality and excellent value for your money. Without cutting corners we consistently offer prices that are at or below those of our major competitors while providing comparable amenities and more activities for our guests.  If you find a trip of equal quality that matches our itinerary and inclusions at a lower fare within 30 days of your initial booking, we’ll gladly refund the difference. A simple guarantee that assures you of the best trip at the best fare!

Our Guests Keep Coming Back!

Each year half of our guests are repeat customers or were referred by a previous guest, a fact that is the single best testimony to the quality, value, and personal attention that we provide to our guests. If you haven’t taken a trip with Active Tours, we have hundreds of past customers who would love to tell you about their experiences.  Call about any of our trips and we’ll be happy to refer you to a guest who’s been there with us.